Missions, Theology & Worship

Praise Him, Then Proclaim Him

Isaiah 12 gives us a beautiful picture of God’s people on mission. Although Israel’s role in the Old Testament was primarily to a be a hub of worship that would attract other nations and give them a glimpse of what life under God’s rule looked like, what Isaiah foresees during the reign of the Messiah is a people who loudly…

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Sinful, Saved, & Sent

This post is a summary of a sermon I preached called “Sinful, Saved, & Sent.” It is taken from Ezekiel 36.22–36, and it represents some of my thoughts as I have processed our family’s call to missions. God acts for the sake of His holy name (vv. 22–23) God is preoccupied with protecting His name. The fundamental reason God gives…

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